Courtney Awe's Commitments


I am committed to: Getting back into my workout routine 

So I Will: Workout at 6am 5 days a week 

I will Celebrate by: Feeling accomplished 

My performance barriers: This is not my current ritual and routine so I will need to create it 

My Actions to Change 4 Success: When I start the day with a workout, I feel amazing. 

I will give hope to: My Mom 



I am committed to: Focus on what I can and cannot control at work. 

So I Will: Focus on staying neutral when my internal customers change their minds or wait until the last minute to discuss a high priority item 

I will Celebrate by: Being less stressed out 

My performance barriers: My current ritual and routine is to get annoyed when people change their minds or wait until the last minute to request a high priority item 

My Actions to Change 4 Success: Anchor in staying neutral.. I cannot control others actions or reactions 

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