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Jane Cebrynski

Sports Life Coach

Jane earned her Sports Life Coaching Certification in 2018. Jane specializes in working with people going through challenging life transitions.  Jane is committed to coaching through transition because of the impact Sports Life Coaching made on her life when she was going through big life transitions, both personally and professionally and was overwhelmed by all the change.  She didn’t know what the future held but she was determined to invest in herself and get help to figure it out.  After 29 years of marriage, Jane divorced and simultaneously left a job that was unhealthy.

Professionally, Jane is committed to serving and supporting others who want to become Champions through change within themselves and in their life.  Personally, through the “live it to give it” model, Jane continues to train to become competitively great as a Sports Life Coach while striving every day to create and live her 10 life!   Not only does she hope to be a role model to her 3 sons but to others who have faced similar challenges.  Philanthropically, Jane coach’s young students and women professionals to give them the tools and strategies that allow them to grow confidently into their greatness.


TRANSIT10N from Marriage or Break Up   

Transition by definition is the process or period of changing from one state or condition to another. While change of any kind can be difficult, a transition from marriage or even a long-term breakup can bring about a breadth and depth of changes that can affect every aspect of your life: spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially. 


Get Coached to Experience:

  • Being supported through change

  • Have a safe place to process change

  • Grieve the loss of your relationship and all that it represented to you

  • Be challenged to go for what matters to you- personally for significance, professionally for success and philanthropically for service

  • Have the courage to go for the life you want

  • Heal

You are so worth it!  Jane is passionate about serving and supporting you if you want to train and transition from hurting to healing and ultimately be transformed. 



Are you looking to “level up,” reenter the workforce or start over in one form or another?

Are you in a great place and just want to keep getting better?

Are you feeling “stuck” in your present job and need some tools and strategies to manage?

Are you are ready to go for something different?


Jane has experienced many career transitions and wishes more than anything,  she had been coached through it. When Jane re-entered the workforce after being a stay at home mom for more than a decade, she was incredibly excited and fearful and anxious.  


Get Coached to Experience:

  • How to set expectations

  • Rediscover your strengths

  • Discover your winning strategies for showing up intentionally in your profession and achieving at your highest potential

  • Redefine what success means to you and the actions needed to achieve it

  • Learn what may be causing your burnout 

  • Train to get back in the game by developing strong rituals and routines to improve performance

  • How to deal with the many emotions brought on by change

  • How to manage your time and energy


If you are ready to go for being a CHAMP10N in your current career, or explore a “10” career defined by YOU,  Jane is your coach.



Certified Chief Wellbeing Officer®

Certified Sports Life Coach®

Champion Wellbeing Coach®

BA Business Administration – California State University Fullerton

Contributing Author, Engaging Speakers: Voices of Impact

200HR Certified Yoga Instructor

Licensed Real Estate Agent

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CONVERSAT10N: What is Sports Life Coaching? How do sports, business and life all come together? Listen to hear some tools and winning strategies from our Chief Wellbeing Officer and Coach Carlette Patterson and CHAMP10N Sports Life Coach Jane Cebrynski on how to achieve your 10 life. These include topics such as grief, brain to train, workout weariness, and change. Sometimes we do not have control over change, which is where it becomes very important to focus on your desired outcomes and how to win life 4 you. This is your life; invest in it and give yourself grace and truth to find out how to win your wellbeing.

CONVERSAT10N: Are you going through a period of TRANSIT10N? All of us do at many different times in our lives. Change, no matter how big or small, can affect every DIMENS10N of your life and how you navigate through the transition can impact you for years to come. In this episode of 10 Talks, Carlette introduces you to one of the Life Training Academy’s own Sports Life Coaches, Jane Cebrynski. Jane was going through a major life change when she met Carlette. Through Sports Life Coaching, Jane not only got coached, she also found INSPIRAT10N to become a coach and is now launching her own TRANSIT10N Coaching program at the Life Training Academy. Listen in to the CONVERSAT10N as Jane shares with us her journey and how she hopes to help others through their own TRANSIT10NS.

CONVERSAT10N: This week, we continue the conversation we began a couple of weeks ago (episode 36) with some of our CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaches™. In this, the second part of the conversation, the coaches talk about the Power of Purpose and how they are using it personally and professionally during this uncertain season in life.

CONVERSAT10N: In sports, few things are certain except the rules of the game and the duration of the playing season where there is a beginning and an end. The global pandemic thrust everyone, not just athletes, out of our normal season and into a new season that has few rules and an unknown end date. In this week’s episode of 10 Talks Podcast, you’ll hear the first of a two part conversation with some of our CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaches™. They’ll share some Winning Strategies they use for themselves and their teams to help navigate this season of unknowns.

CONVERSAT10N: In this video, Head Sports Life Coach Carlette Patterson and Life Training Academy Sports Life Coach Jane Cebrynski talk about coaching employees in organisations. They talk about Definitions of Success as well as some Performance Barriers such as burnout.

CONVERSAT10N: Want to know what it’s like to get coached? Connect with Chief Wellbeing Officer and Coach Carlette Patterson and CHAMP10N Sports Life Coach Jane Cebrynski to hear all about the joy of being coached. Just like workouts at the gym, our life workouts can be exhausting or emotional, but it’s still fun to grow, be challenged, and feel accomplished afterwards.

CONVERSAT10N: How can you embrace change? Connect with Chief Wellbeing Officer and Coach Carlette Patterson and CHAMP10N Sports Life Coach Jane Cebrynski to hear about the power behind transformational change and how to honor both the good and bad parts of transition. Sometimes, we can’t control the change that happens in our life, but it’s important to keep putting our best forward and push through.

CONVERSAT10N: How can you challenge yourself to go for the life that you want to live? Connect with Chief Wellbeing Officer and Coach Carlette Patterson and CHAMP10N Sports Life Coach Jane Cebrynski to learn about how to gain new thinking, new skills, and new hope. Coming in to the Life Gym can be messy, but we want to remind you that it is a safe place to honor yourself and your journey without judgement.

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