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Joy Burke

Sports Life Coach for Athletes and Champions for Change

Joy Burke was introduced to CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching™ in 2009 when she joined the Arizona State Women’s Basketball team and Carlette became her Sports Life Coach.  In 2012, while Joy was working on her Honor’s Thesis Finding Joy in the Journey, all about Sports Philanthropy, she interned for Carlette and was coached through the CHAMP10N Sports Life Coach™ Certification. 

After many years of playing professional basketball internationally and starting her own sports philanthropy projects, Joy decided that she wanted to be more equipped with tools to empower people.

Joy’s professional career consists of six seasons of professional basketball, starting with winning a championship in Denmark in 2015.  She then played five seasons in Australia earning MVP and Female Athlete of the Year awards.  Joy has also represented her national team—Chinese Taipei in the 2015 and 2017 FIBA Asia Championships as well as the 2018 Asian Games.  In 2019, Joy was selected to play for Team World in the Inaugural Aurora Games.  As a Nike athlete, Joy had the opportunity to be the face of a Nike Women Campaign in 2019, partnering with Vogue Magazine, encouraging women across Asia to dream and achieve.  

In 2020, Joy earned her CHAMP10N Sports Life Coach™ Certification with the desired outcome of coaching college and professional athletes for Competitive Greatness in sport and in life, and as well as coaching athletes in transition from sport.

ATHLETE TRANSIT10N - Life After Sport


Whether the end of a sports career was voluntary or involuntary, many athletes struggle with no longer being an athlete and experience feelings of uncertainty, loss, and an inability to find their next passion. Making the move from sports into the real world can be filled with a new set of challenges and unanswered questions. Who am I now? What are my strengths? What does the future hold?



Get Coached to Experience:


  • Discover more of who you are and what matters to you

  • Understand the process of change

  • Compass to guide the next season of your life

  • Time, energy, and emotional management

  • Overcome performance barriers of fears, frustrations, and lack of identity 

  • Discover your winning strategies

  • Create a personalized game plan through developing new rituals and routines

  • Rediscover strengths

  • Build a support team 

  • Competitive Greatness



I believe with the right mindset and environment, change can lead to something really positive. If you are ready to start training for your life just as intentionally as you have for your sport, I’m the coach for you. I will challenge you, inspire you, walk along side you, and empower you to go for the life you have imagined and discover a career that fulfills you.  Your best years are ahead!


CHAMP10N Sports Life Coach™ Certification – Patterson Sports Ventures 2020

Level 1 Basketball Coaching Certification – Basketball Australia 2019

Master of Communication and Advocacy – Arizona State University 2014

Bachelor of Marketing – Arizona State University 2013

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The Life Training Academy is funded by donations to the Sports Philanthropy League, a component of the Arizona Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization

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