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Melissa Luellen

Sports Life Coach for Coaches and Professional Athletes

Melissa Luellen was introduced to CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching™ in 2002 when Carlette became her Sports Life Coach. She loved it so much she earned her CHAMP10N Sports Life Coach™ Certification in 2015 with the desired outcome of adding CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching™ to her college golf coach credentials. Melissa is currently a D1 College Golf coach, but prior to her position she was a four-time All- American and NCAA Champion as a player at the University of Tulsa and lead her team to a NCAA Championship title. She then played professional golf for 14 years, with 11 being on the LPGA Tour. She won twice and served on the Executive Committee as a Player Representative.

 As a golf coach at Arizona State University, she led her team to a NCAA Championship,10 NCAA Top 10 finishes and two conference championships. She also coached one NCAA Individual Champion and three Pac-12 Golfers of the Year. Melissa was named Pac-10 Coach of the Year three times. 


Melissa is a lifelong learner and is passionate about sharing CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching™ with sport coaches. 

If you are collegiate coach or professional athlete, Melissa is committed to coaching you to experience:

  • How to be Competitively Great, as a Team, as a Coach and or as a Professional Athlete

  • How to live a 3 Dimensional Life: Professionally for Success; Personally for Significance and Philanthropically for Service

  • How to manage your time, energy and emotions for CHAMP10N results

  • How to introduce Sports Philanthropy and G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E to yourself, your team, your athletes and your community


**Melissa not available to coach college golf athletes

10 talks insta posts-9.png
10 talks insta postso-9.png

CONVERSAT10N:  Listen in as Coach Melissa Luellen talks about her journey with Sports Life Coaching™.  She shares her experience of having and being a Sports Life Coach™ and the profound impact it has made on her life personally, professionally and philanthropically.  She discusses her journey from college athlete to to D1 university golf coach to Sports Life Coach™.  

MeQ™ Skills: 3D Life, Watch Your Film, My Support Team, Truth, Rituals and Routines, Rest and Recovery, G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E

CONVERSAT10N:  The pinnacle of success for some athletes is playing their sport at the professional level.  But how and when do these finely tuned athletes decide if giving back to their sport through coaching is something they will pursue?  Our head Sports Life Coach™, Carlette Patterson, sat with 3 former professional athletes to talk about their decision to become a college coach and the process behind the transition.  Listen in as Melissa Luellen, Sanja Tomasevic, and Nicole Powell share their individual paths to coaching, the challenges they faced, and the winning strategies that propelled them into their current roles as head coaches at D1 Universities.

MeQ™ Skills: Winning Strategies, Change Management, Emotional Management, Watch Your Film, My Support Team, G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E.

10 talks insta postso-11.png

CONVERSAT10N: In sports, few things are certain except the rules of the game and the duration of the playing season where there is a beginning and an end. The global pandemic thrust everyone, not just athletes, out of our normal season and into a new season that has few rules and an unknown end date. In this week’s episode of 10 Talks Podcast, you’ll hear the first of a two part conversation with some of our CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaches™.  They’ll share some Winning Strategies they use for themselves and their teams to help navigate this season of unknowns.

MeQ™ Skills:  Winning Strategies, Watch Your Film, My Support Team, G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E., Joy Breaks, Performance Barriers, Grief, Support Team, 10 Moments, Strengths, Rituals and Routines, Commitment

10 talks insta postso-13.png

CONVERSAT10N: This week, we continue the conversation we began a couple of weeks ago (episode 36) with some of our CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaches™.  In this, the second part of the conversation, the coaches talk about the Power of Purpose and how they are using it personally and professionally during this uncertain season in life.  

MeQ™ Skills:  Winning Strategies, Watch Your Film, Going to the Balcony, 10 Moments, Power of Purpose

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