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What it takes


A  Challenge



Assess your willingness.

Make intentional decisions within areas where you want to change or improve. Choose what matters to you and what has a strong "why" behind it.


Pick one or two.

There are usually no immediate negative consequences for giving up on a resolution; because of this, these challenges can be thought of as "extras". Since most of us don't have a lot of time or energy for extras, just focusing on one at a time will allow you dedicate yourself to that single goal.


Commit to a specific action.

Created an "action-based priority". Translate the concept of your goal into something actionable you can put in your calendar. Choose daily activities that align with your goal.


Make it easy.

Create habits that are obvious, attractive, easy and satisfying. Make new habits the path of least resistance.


Track your progress.

Have a place to write down your progress and record what you do daily. Written accountability is more effective than simply keeping it in the back of your mind.


Get support.

Having people that know about your resolutions and care that you get there will help you make the right choices. Find those who consistently check in, give you feedback, and celebrate the small wins.

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