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Women Winning Wednesdays – with Carlette Patterson and Kathleen J. DeBoer


Join us this episode as Carlette and Kathy discuss How Women Win after hearing from Kirsten Bernthal Booth, Creighton University Head Women’s Volleyball Coach.


  1. Sport forces people together as a team with inevitable conflict. How do you get players to buy into your program and its culture and make it all worth it? Coaching is a very difficult task with all of the different components that goes into how to do it successfully. You may not have the best athletes in your gym or the most resources in your department, but cultivating joy into your own attitude and leading by example will remind athletes how much fun it can be to play the sport you teach them. 

  2. New coaches often copy the people that they have been coached by within their careers as athletes. Though this may work for some, it’s important to be aware of how you are feeling when coaching and the interactions that you have with players and staff so you can adapt along the way. Emotional intelligence is critical to develop into an authentic coaching role and find what works for you and the program you want to achieve. Is doing what you are doing getting you the results you want?

  3. Communicating who you are as a coach and what your program is about is critical when recruiting. If you as an athlete do not truly want to be a part of this program for whatever reason, that is okay – there are plenty to choose from for what you really want. Do not join our team if you do not actually want to be here. Look for players that understand what your program is about and who truly want to be a part of it.

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How Women Win Our Way- with CHAMP10N Guest Charli Turner Thorne Arizona State University Head Women’s Basketball Coach

How Struggle Creates Success


  1. Transformative approach to coaching: Put the woman ahead of the athlete. Make sure they are in a good place as a person first before focusing on their identity as an athlete. How we help athletes personally as well as professionally can be equally beneficial and create a championship culture.

  2. There is no success without struggle. There is no growth without failure. Success starts at the end of your comfort zone. Teaching your athletes that there is no such thing as failure - everything is a learning opportunity - will help to cultivate a growth mindset. Embracing failure is necessary at this high level of play, especially for high female competitors who may lack self-compassion when they do not achieve what they want to. 

  3. Preparation breeds confidence. If you’re playing it safe, you’re probably not getting better. Focus on the process rather than being results oriented so your players will do the same. Master your mindset – how do you not just let things happen to you, but reframe them in a way that makes you better and stronger as a person and as an athlete?


Credentials: Charli's 10 Moments:

  • Qualified for postseason play 20 of the last 21 seasons including:

    • Led ASU to NCAA tournament 14 times​

    • 6 consecutive NCAA tournament appearances

    • 2 Elite Eight appearances

    • 3 Sweet Sixteen appearances

  • 2016 PAC-12 Coach of the Year

  • 2001 Pac-10 Coach of the Year

  • 2 Gold Medals with USA Basketball

    • 2009 Head Coach of USA Women's Wold University Games in Belgrade, Serbia.​

    • 2007 Assistant Coach of USA Basketball's U21 Championship Team in Moscow, Russia.

  • Past President of Women's Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) Executive Committee

  • 1988 Graduate Stanford University with bachelors degree in Psychology

  • 1990 Masters degree in Education, Washington University.

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Friday Win the Week- 10 talks with Kirsten Bernthal-Booth, Creighton University Head Women’s Volleyball Coach


  1. Life is bigger than the sport you are playing. Have intelligence and consistency with your players so they know every day what they are going to get from you as a human being. Show that you care about your players to lay the foundation for your program and how you want to be better every day.

  2. Confidence breeds winning. Fostering the level of expectation while playing at a highly competitive level comes with communication, adapting and adjusting, and never staying comfortable. Getting outside your comfort zone drives you to be better and advances your program, especially from a recruiting perspective. 

  3. Communicate about conflict before it arises. Remind your team that if you have a conflict with somebody, that you are not involving other people around you; go directly to the person in order to find a solution and resolve the conflict. Be clear in how you want to be communicated with as a player and as a coach, and give everyone in your organization the space to voice so. 


Credentials: Kirsten's 10 Moments:

  • Booth’s program was in the AVCA’s Top 25 poll each of the last nine years and reached 10 of the last 11 NCAA Tournaments including:

  • 2016 - Elite Eight, 

  • 2015 - Sweet Sixteen 

  • Seven straight outright BIG EAST regular-season titles.

  • 2015, 2016 and 2018 AVCA Regional Coach of the Year 

  • 2015, 2016 and 2019 BIG EAST Coach of the Year 

  • Under her guidance, Creighton has been a national seed in the NCAA Tournament three of the last six seasons (2015, 2017, 2018)

  • During her time at Creighton, Booth has had players named Conference Player of the Year (3x), Libero of the Year (3x), Freshman of the Year (3x) and Scholar-Athlete of the Year (3x)

  • 2011 inductee into Truman State’s Athletic Hall of Fame

  • Education

  • 2000 Master’s degree in higher education administration with an emphasis in athletic administration from the University of Iowa.

  • 1997 Bachelor’s degree in communications, Magna cum laude – Truman State University

  • 1997 Missouri NCAA Woman of the Year

  • 1993 Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletic Association Freshman of the year

  • 1996 MIAA Player of the year.

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How Women Win Part 2- Celebrating Coaches


On the Journey to Discover

How Women Win Our Way


Carlette and Kathy have Teamed Up to Discover, Design, and Do – "Winning Our Way".


  1. There are 3 things Coaches today can think about- Learn your craft, Learn yourself, and Learn who your athletes are. 

  2. Setting up Women 4 Success- find a support network of other trustworthy women/ people. Someone maybe outside of the sport, someone close who can tell you when you’re out of line, or someone who can talk shop with you. 

  3. Learn How 2 Grow- “feel the fear and do it anyway”. Lean into the discomfort, it’s what coaches ask athletes to do daily! Modeling this is huge, it’s how we get better and if coaches won’t do it, it’s unrealistic athletes will do it. 


We Want 2 Connect With:

  • Professional and College Coaches and Athletes, Retired Athletes in Business

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Women Winning Wednesdays – with Carlette Patterson and Kathleen J. DeBoer

Join us this episode as Carlette and Kathy discuss How Women Win after hearing from the winningest women’s basketball coach in Arizona State history, Charli Turner Thorne.


  1. How are we going to reinforce mistakes in an authentic way? Being intentional with your staff and even watching your own film as coaches will help you to recognize when your coaching is effective vs. when it is surface level. Athletes are aware of the difference, and being able to differentiate between these two perspectives is a matter of getting better or staying stagnant. 

  2. Mindset Mastery. Honor being vulnerable and being in relationship with your teammates and coaches. Having your words and actions aligned as a coach is essential to help athletes enter into the growth mindset and be able to conquer failure in a healthy manner, rather than allowing external pressures to override any mental practice that has been done before competition.

  3. How do we coach our female players up without separating from the relationship with them? Women athletes generally expect more vulnerability and realness out of a relationship with their coach; we are in this struggle together. Ask your athletes if this is the best that you can give to this group of people. Are you owning your role and doing your part as a teammate? Being truthful is necessary for being connected and having a sense of purpose within an organization.

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On the Journey to Discover

How Women Win Our Way

We are working on a book and NEED YOU!


Carlette and Kathy have Teamed Up to Discover, Design, and Do – "Winning Our Way".

  • We'll learn from Kathy’s 2004 book, Gender & Competition.

  • We'll learn how men and women approach work and play differently.

  • Plus, help us in our discovery to create CHAMP10N CHANGE by honoring how "Women are Equal and Different".


We Want 2 Connect With:

  • Professional and College Coaches and Athletes, Retired Athletes in Business



  • Founder of Patterson Sports Ventures, 1999.

  • 30 + years of comprehensive experience in business and sports leadership, partnering with corporations, sports and philanthropic entities, to develop and facilitate coaching, training programs and curriculums.




  • Executive Director of the American Volleyball Coaches Association. 

  • Prior to that, she was the commissioner of general services for the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government and senior associate athletics director at the University of Kentucky.

Friday Win the Week: 10 talks with Carol Hutchins, University of Michigan Head Softball Coach



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