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Friday Win your Week-

Thank you to our Champ10n Women for a 10 season!


Thank you for your ability to G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E. to the world by sharing your stories and igniting the Power of Team. Our Season may be concluding, but our Journey to Discover How Women Win Our Way carries on. Thank you for a fabulous season and for teaming up to Discover, Design and Do, Winning OUR WAY! We Support Each Other

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Friday Win your Week-

Thank you to our Champ10n Business Women


Check out this week’s 10 talks podcast episode to hear HOW WOMEN WIN throughout our 10 season. Thank you for your ability to G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E. to the world by sharing your stories and igniting the Power of Team.

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Friday Win your Week-

Thank you to our Champ10n Women Coaches


Check out this week’s 10 talks podcast episode to hear HOW WOMEN WIN throughout our 10 season. Thank you for your ability to G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E. to the world by sharing your stories and igniting the Power of Team.

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Friday Win your Week-

with Natalie Paradis,

Global Director of

Diversity Talent Innovation

-DEI- Talent Acquisition at Nike


Credentials: Natalie's 10 Moments:​

  • Bachelor of Arts in English from University of Kansas

  • Previous Senior Executive Coach for InsideTrack

  • NKCreative Marketing Communications/ Management (2007-2015)

  • Nike DEI Leadership Acceleration Academy License (2022)

  • Nike Global Director, Diversity Talent Innovation, DEI


  1. Where does the capacity of being resilient originate? Women winning often includes coming out of adversity stronger than before. How do we get there?

  2. How do we win our way? The definition of winning is very individualized. What is your way?

  3. How do we stay true to our authentic self? This can show up in different ways across your personal and professional life. What are winning strategies to be who you are freely?

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Friday Win your Week-

Thank you to our Champ10n Women Athletes


Check out this week’s 10 talks podcast episode to hear HOW WOMEN WIN throughout our 10 season. Thank you for your ability to G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E. to the world by sharing your stories and igniting the Power of Team.

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Friday Win your Week-

with Liz Cumby,

President and Founder of 

Cumby Consulting


Credentials: Liz's 10 Moments:​

  • MBA in Marketing Management from University of Kentucky

  • Organizer for Medtech Women 

  • Marketing Associate at Stanford University (2005-2007)

  • President of Cumby Consulting 


  1. Growth mindsets are essential to push for success. How do we as women become high achievers? Does what you are doing matter to you or add value to the world? 

  2. How do you manage the boundary of what you want to do and what your boss or coach wants you to do? There are times you may have to sacrifice. How do we get in alignment?

  3. We all make mistakes. How do we learn from these mistakes rather than letting them bring us down? Stay anchored in your why and your value.

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Friday Win your Week-

with Tayyiba Haneef-Park,

Athletes Unlimited

Director of Sport,

Oregon Volleyball Assistant Coach, 3x Olympian for USA Volleyball, Best selling Author

& Entrepreneur at 79 and Park

Credentials: Tayyiba's 10 Moments:​

  • B.A. in Communication and Media Arts from California State University, Long Beach

  • Competed in 2004, 2008, 2012 summer olympics in volleyball

  • Director of Sport at Athletes Unlimited

  • Author of 'Your Voice Matters"


  1. How do we raise children as women while in the sports industry? Communication and role modeling is key. Invite your kids into the process. How can women have the ability to go for what they want in all of these areas of their lives?

  2. How do we ask for what we need? Know your worth and what matters to you. What environment will you be supported and successful in?

  3. What do the intersections of race and gender look like while going for what you want? Our environment and experiences shape us into who we are. Where do we find role models?

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Friday Win your Week-

with Ashley Losch,

Captain and

Public Information Officer

for Glendale, AZ  Fire Department

Credentials: Ashley's 10 Moments:​

  • 21 years with Glendale Fire Department

  • Graduate from Arizona State University

  • Public Information Office


  1. What are your strengths and how do you use them to win in life? Having a purpose and a passion helps build resilience through adversities when working toward your goals. What is yours?

  2. How do you invest your emotional currency? Invest in what matters to you. What does it take for others for you to give emotional currency to them?

  3. How can you manage raising a family while investing in your career as a woman? Work-life alignment is essential to live your 10 life. What is your career industry doing for you and what matters to you?

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Friday Win your Week-

with Nona Lee,

Founder and CEO of

Truth DEI Consulting

Credentials: Nona's 10 Moments:​

  • B.A. in Broadcasting and Broadcasting Business from Pepperdine University 

  • Doctor of Law, Oklahoma City University School of Law

  • VP, Associate General Counsel of Phenix Suns (200-2005)

  • Worked for Arizona Diamondbacks (2005-2022)

  • Founder of Truth DEI Consulting


  1. Why has it taken so long to realize the significance of diversity, equity and inclusion? There is fear of many things: having to confront unpleasant realities, being uncomfortable, or shifting budgets. How can we shrink the gap between DEI and industries? 

  2. What societal changes are we seeing in regards to women stepping into the workplace? Imposter syndrome is very prevalent among women and has been for several decades. How can we be an agent of change for other women to prevent fear from getting in their own way?

  3. How do we respect and own our value as women? Our power is often questioned or challenged as we advance in our professions. How do we gain perspective and confidence throughout these moments?

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Friday Win your Week-

with Karch Kiraly,

USA Women's National Volleyball Team Head Coach

Credentials: Karch's 10 Moments:​

  • Attained Bachelor's degree at UCLA​

  • x2 Olympic games U.S. Gold Medalist Men's Volleyball (1984, 1988)

  • Named best player in the world by the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) in 1986 and '88

  • Olympic Gold Medalist for Men's Sand Volleyball (1996)

  • Volleyball Hall of Fame (2001)

  • Head Coach for U.S. Women's national Volleyball team since 2012


  1. What are some observations when it comes to coaching men vs. women? Women tend to have a higher level of emotional intelligence. What else shows up and how does this affect the coaching dynamic?

  2. There is a stereotype that women cannot work well together with other women. How does this show up within elite women’s sports teams? Is it true?

  3. What makes an elite female athlete? Characteristics can be genetic or developed. What makes them a winner, and is it trained?

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Friday Win your Week-

with Ann Meyers Drysdale,

Former Professional

Basketball player and 

Phoenix Mercury President and

Phoenix Suns Vice President 

Credentials: Ann's 10 Moments:​

  • Became first high school student to play for U.S. National Team (1974)

  • UCLA women's basketball athlete (1974-78)

  • U.S. Olympic basketball team wining silver silver in 1976 games

  • Indiana Pacer's player (1980)

  • Analyst for NBC sports coverage of women's basketball 

  • International Women's sports hall of fame (1999)

  • VP of Phoenix Suns and Mercur



  1. How can we bridge the gap between male and female hires in sport administration positions? As we climb the ladder of advancement, there is less female presence, and males tend to hire other males for these roles. How do we increase female occupancy?

  2. What are winning strategies for increasing female exposure? Fans of a respective sport can often name several male superstars, but only a handful of women athletes. Communication is a great starting point; what else?

  3. Have a voice. The rate of female dropouts from sport is fairly high. How do we prevent this?

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Friday Win your Week-

with Tonya Johnson,

Louisiana State University

Head Women's Volleyball Coach

Credentials: Tonya's 10 Moments:​

  • Played college volleyball at LSU from 1987-1990

  • Helped lead University of Texas team to national championships (2020)

  • Head coach at Georgia Tech (2009-2013)

  • Previous recruiting coordinator, nationally ranked


  1. How can women enter and make a name for themselves in the realm of college coaching? Risk vs. reward is a prominent scenario new college coaches face. Where is the balance?

  2. What are ways women can connect through networking to help each other succeed in a male dominated culture? Tonya began the program SOAR for women coaches to support and discuss issues they face regarding their gender. How can we provide similar support worldwide?

  3. How do we honor our authentic self and emotions? Mental health has been less stigmatized across time; however, it is not completely eradicated. What are ways to honor the truth and ask for help?

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Friday Win your Week-

with Nicolette Sanlin,

McKendree University

Head Men's and Women's Volleyball Coach


Credentials: Nicolette's

10 Moments:​

  • Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Marketing from Marshall University 

  • Masters of Science in Adult and Technical Education from Marshall University

  • Marketing Graduate Assistant (2006-2007)

  • Target Store Executive Leader (2007-2009)

  • Camp Counselor University of Missouri (2001-2002)

  • McKendree University Coaching (2012-present)


  1. Are there differences between coaching men and women? All student athletes need validation and to release their emotions, but men often have more difficulties expressing this. 

  2. How can women succeed in higher-power positions? Feelings of self-doubt and societal pressure push women from even considering these types of positions. How can women find courage?

  3. Women who balance family and work face many challenges in both areas. What are the implications? How do we move forward with success in both?

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Friday Win your Week-

with JoAnne Pasternack

President and Chief Impact Officer,


Founder of Athlete Voices


Credentials: JoAnne's 10 Moments:​

  • Bachelor's of Psychology and Spanish fro, University of Pennsylvania

  • Master's in Executive Program for non profit leaders

  • Santa Clara University school of Law

  •  Founding member, advisory board of Applied Silver, Inc.

  • Co-founder of Athletes' Voices

  • Serves on non profit board of special olympics of Norther California


  1. How can we give girls the resources to succeed? Girls in today’s society have more seats at the table, but are often silenced if they try to share their opinion with the others surrounding them. Telling girls they have opportunities and giving them the proper tools is the next step.

  2. How can women promote themselves and their value to create a monetary foundation? Women can be easily put down, making it more difficult to stand up for themselves and what they do. 

  3. Where are you if you ask and the answer is no? Often the answer is right where you are; we do not go backwards. There is nothing to lose if you are prepared, articulate what you need and want, and it matters to you.

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Friday Win your Week-

with Kevin Hambly,

Director of Women's Volleyball 

and Head Women's Volleyball Coach at Stanford University

Credentials: Kevin's 10 Moments:​

  • Bachelor's Degree in recreation, sport and tourism with emphasis in sport management from Illinois (2006) 

  • Collegiate volleyball player at BYU (1992-1995)

  • Won 3 Conference titles

  • Head coach at Illinois for eight seasons

  • Names Volleyball Magazine's National Coach of the Year in 2011



  1. How can we help younger players and coaches separate their identity with their sport and their personal identity? The numbers and results do not define our entire self-worth. How do we get them to understand the identity piece for a positive outcome?

  2. How can we create an industry where women feel confident to have a family and maintain success in their coaching career? Many coaches leave their positions to focus on their family, and on average we see it more with women. Why?

  3. How do we use conflict to the benefit of the team? Conflict arises on every squad – it is human and normal. What are winning strategies to deal with conflict?

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Friday Win your Week-

with Harriet Hopf,

University of Utah

Adjunct Professor

Biomedical Engineering & Professor, Department of Anesthesiology