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Monday Matters

Coach 2 Coach

Finding Joi on the Journey

2 Competitive Greatness


Joi Williams

Clemson University Women's Basketball Director of Quality Control

Credentials: Joi’s

10 Moments:

  • 2019 Patterson Sports Ventures, Certified Sports Life Coach

  • 2019 - present, Clemson University Director of Quality Control, Women’s Basketball

  • 2017 - Assistant Coach, WNBA San Antonio Stars

  • 2007-2016 UCF Athletics Association Inc. Head Coach, Women’s Basketball

  • 2003-2007 Murray State University Head Coach, Women’s Basketball

  • 2002-2003 Clemson University Assistant Coach, Women’s Basketball

  • 1984-1988 University of South Florida Bachelor Science, Marketing


Tuesday 2 Make It Happen

Athlete 2 Athlete

Finding Joy on the Journey

2 Competitive Greatness


Khalia Lanier

Professional Volleyball Player for Volley Bergamo

Credentials: Khalia’s

10 Moments:

  • Plays professional volleyball internationally

  • 2018 and 2016 AVCA and Volleyball Magazine All-America honorable mention

  • 2018 AVCA All-Pacific South Region Team

  • 2018, 2017 & 2016 Pac-12 All-Conference Team

  • 2018 and 2017 Pac-12 Preseason All-Conference Team

  • 2017 and AVCA and Volleyball Magazine first-team All-American

  • Three-time Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Week

  • 2017 AVCA National Player of the Week

  • 2016 Pac-12 Freshman of the Week

  • 2016 Gatorade National Volleyball Player of the Year (High School)

  • 2016 Volleyball Magazine High School All-American

  • 2016 Under Armour All-American

  • 2015 Gatorade Arizona Player of the Year

  • MaxPreps No. 1-ranked Recruit

  • 2013 and 2014 Nike Tournament of Champions Most Valuable Player

  • 2011 USAV Future Select Team

  • Helped U.S. U18 Youth National Team to the 2015 World Championship silver medal

  • Human Biology Degree from USC

  • 17th player in program history to reach 1,000 career kills


Wednesday Win Wellbeing

Executive 2 Executive

Women 2 Women

Finding Joy on the Journey

2 Wellbeing


Nicole Maas

Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Kitchell

Credentials: Nicole’s

10 Moments:

  • Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Kitchell 

  • Named by Phoenix Business Journal as an Outstanding Woman in Business in 2018

  • University of Phoenix, MBA 2005

  • University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, 2001

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Thursday Things 2 Think About

CHAMP10N Challenge

Finding Joy on the Journey

2 Win Wellbeing


Jane Cebrynski

Certified Sports Life Coach

CHAMP10N Challenge Coach

Credentials: Jane’s

10 Moments:

  • Attending my nieces wedding and celebrating my dads 85th birthday at the same time

  • My son cameron graduating from the UofA

  • My son Brian getting his real estate license

  • Teaching a yoga class with a really special group

  • Meeting one of my fellow sports life coaches Melissa Luellen, also head coach for Auburn women’s golf

SEASON 5 10 Talks Cover Photos (15).png


  1. Finding Joy on the Journey by statting up all the new you are trying. If something is not in the 8, 9, or 10 range, honor that and try something else to see what your stat is. The Stats Tool is a great way to measure how much you enjoy an activity and recognize whether or not you want to continue doing it.

  2. How 2 Change and share it with the people in your life. Live It to Give It – share your commitments with those around you so they can be on the journey with you. 

  3. Criticism 2 COMPASS10N. Choose to be a CHAMP10N and step into being the new change that you want to be, rather than going against yourself.

SEASON 5 10 Talks Cover Photos (14).png


  1. Seasons Tool. We do not play our sport 12 months year round – breaking our time up into “Seasons” gives us the ability to celebrate the short term wins and figure what works and what doesn’t. It also helps us to make commitments throughout our seasons and reach our goals.

  2. Anchor in purpose. Find your why. What commitments to you have and why do you stick to them? Find what you can control and be for yourself and others.

  3. Challenge your brain to go into forward focus. What do you know and where do you want to go with that? It’s not about a feeling – it’s about the process of getting to the commitment that you honored. Push through your fear rather than completely avoiding it.



  1. Anchor in truth to enter into love. When you honor your truth that you are feeling, you will be able to accept it and then find a way to change your feelings to a place of love.

  2. Faith is unseen. This is something that is not tangible, which can be hard for competitively great athletes who are used to measurable statistics and winning. Inside competitive greatness, there is an unseen component – the faith component – which is important to have to be able to create positive self talk and move into the love component.

  3. Write down the things that you are grateful for. Gratitude is a great winning strategy to reenergize yourself and recognize what’s in front of you. Once you have things written down, you can take a look at them whenever you want.

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  1. VIS10N. Change is hard – it is important to remember that we cannot change everything we want all at once. Find a starting point where you can have concrete action and anchor in new thinking to create forward momentum.

  2. Honor diversity. Be open and curious to bridge the gap between wanting to go for change and the nervousness of trusting something unfamiliar. Have your questions ready and know what you are looking for when building a CHAMP10N culture. 

  3. COMMUNICAT10N. Understand what your athletes and team members need to feel supported and have those conversations early and often.



  1. Be competitively great for you. Go for the life that you want and for what matters to you. Sometimes your best may only be a small part of you on a certain day – that does not mean you have to quit. It is through the struggle that we learn more about ourselves.

  2. The Power of Choosing vs Have To 2. If your current thinking is “Have To”, you will use a lot of your energy and emotions to work against yourself and your thoughts rather than choosing to do something. 

  3. Be intentionally for yourself. It may take a bit of work, but think of your end result and how you want to get there to create these CHAMP10N results according to your own definitions. 



  1. Lead by example. No one is immune from burnout – everyone needs to take a break and unplug at some point, especially if you are a leader. Trust your team and show them the power of Rest and Recovery for RESTORAT10N.

  2. Rest and Recovery. If you want to be a high performer, you must honor your Rest and Recovery and recognize the power of our tool. Preparation is another key aspect to Rest and Recovery so you can set yourself and your team up for success and be ready to re-enter once you return.

  3. Living 3D. Remember that Rest and Recovery means you are entering your Personal Space. It does not always have to mean laying down – it can be fully engaging with your family or your relationships to get that energy back and taking a break from your Professional Space.



  1. Think of emotions as something similar to hunger pains. If you feed and take care of yourself when you are hungry, the pain will eventually go away. How can you feed your soul in a way that makes you feel satisfied and able to move forward? 

  2. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” Remember to live your life according to your own definitions – that is what we have control over, rather than others’ definitions of us. Honor your truths and remember that you only have control over that.

  3. Understand who you are and make peace with it. Athletes tend to bring their competitive greatness and intensity wherever they go, but do not realize how hard they are being on themselves when they are not performing in a game. Recognize your emotions and be authentic with yourself.



  1. Live It to Give It. As coaches, it is important to be a great model for your athletes to give a solid example of what values you want to instill for your team.

  2. Time Management. We all have 24 golden nuggets in our days – taking time to do what you need to Rest and Recover and build in that wellbeing component is a huge winning strategy to B4U. Being selfish to take time for you should not make you feel guilty.

  3. Energy and EMOT10NAL Management. Confront what you are facing and anchor in truth to express how you are feeling to the other person. Try not to waste your energy on negative emotions or people who take a lot of your energy away from you. 



  1. CELEBRAT10NS. Give yourself permission to celebrate every day! This is an important part of the journey that will help you to push forward and give you the credit you deserve. 

  2. Go from Good to Great. Be for you in a way that is kind and forgiving, rather than judgmental or losing joy if you do not meet expectations.

  3. Have a support team. Be able to share your goals with other people around you so they can help push you and hold you accountable. 



  1. If you do not have time to do it right, you will not have time to do it over. Honor your needs and everyone affected by your responses. Make sure everything you do on your team is a 10 so everyone can properly manage their time and energy as one.

  2. You can still win without stepping into the negative side of “the grind”. Remember to ask yourself if this is a 10 for you. The power of relationships and connection has the foundation of giving love and giving hope, leading to being for you and what works for you.

  3. How 2 Rest and Recover: Find what matters to you and insert that joy into your life. Being intentional with your Rest and Recovery is a huge winning strategy to be able to recharge and be fully engaged. 



  1. Change your mindset with your expectations. We are not always going to show up great, but the expectation that we show up great is always there, and can suck the joy out of the moment. With your own expectations, check in with yourself to see realistically what those are – if you do not meet that, honor that truth and try to win the moment the next time it comes around.

  2. Honor who you are. If your expectations are getting in the way, remind yourself who you are vs. who you wish you were. Connect 2 your heart and anchor in competitive greatness to stay present.

  3. The Power of Choice vs Have 2. When we shift our perspective and redefine our choices, we open ourselves up to seeing what we get to choose to do rather than what we have to do.

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  1. Be honest with yourself and what you are feeling. Take time to evaluate your 3D life – Personally, Professionally, and Philanthropically – are you being for you and honoring the truth?

  2. Start with “me”. How you treat yourself is important. If you cannot treat yourself kindly, you cannot give that kindness to others around you.

  3. Change is hard. What is your definition of success? Anchoring in definitions will help you to give yourself clarity and kindness during times of difficult transition and have more control over your career choices or your identity.

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  1. Join us on the 30 Day Season CHAMP10N Challenge as we strive for our Desired Outcome: What do you want to be a CHAMP10N for 2 Win Your Wellbeing?

  2. Set yourself up 4 success and make your commitment. It is important to B4U: Anchor in your why. Focus on Winning Your Day. Celebrate Winning Your Day. Reflect on what you want to do different tomorrow to B4U.

  3. Have a support team: Share your CHAMP10N Challenge with friends and family so they can support you to Win Your Wellbeing.

little e.png


  1. Never give up, no matter what anyone says. Surround yourself by those who encourage you and give you good advice.

  2. Be a good teammate. Have fun with those around you and think about succeeding in reaching your future goals to minimize stress and focus on forward momentum.

  3. Find joy to insert into your life. For Little E, school has been a strength of hers that she has discovered after having the courage to go for a higher level of math in school.



  1. Emphasis on Top to Bottom Wellbeing: Get to know people and their story, no matter who that team member is within your organization. The power of listening is essential for organizational wellbeing. Put your vision out there and what wellbeing means so everyone can be on the same page.

  2. Caring about employees from a personal standpoint. Without connecting authentically, there is a lack of trust and over-focus on caring about employees from a work standpoint. Reach out to people and let them know that you care and prove that with your actions.

  3. Honor your commitments. Anything that is difficult is worth going for. Our brand is a Live It to Give It Model and wellbeing is so important to us.



  1. Change Formula: Relate- New Hope; Reframe- New Thinking; Repeat- New Skills; Practice! Practice! Practice!

  2. Be in alignment with your goals. Find someone who has been successful with the goal you are aiming to achieve in order to have the relate component. Then surround yourself with a support team to have accountability and people around you who will help you reach your gaol.

  3. Be a cheerleader for yourself. Have fun with your commitment; think of it as a challenge where you are being intentional and competitively great for you.



  1. RELAT10NSHIPS. Anchor in love and connect to one another, even if virtually. Some may not always be on the journey with you, but the power of love knows no distance.

  2. Discover what matters to you. Am I being for myself and the other person? Is this relationship worth investing my time, energy, and emotions into? Remember your definitions of relationships. 

  3. B4U. Check in with yourself before you check in with the other person. At times, internal reflecting is a great winning strategy to make sure you know where you are at and what you want before you go for it.

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  1. Healthy organizations, healthy people. Honor the health and wellbeing of each individual person. This way, everyone can come to work and contribute at optimal performance while feeling like a 10 compared to a lower stat.

  2. Start by leading yourself. Then lead by listening to others and their needs to reach a level of collective leadership for transformational change.

  3. Human 2 Human CONNECT10N. Acknowledge the importance of the hierarchy of leadership. All roles are essential to winning wellbeing no matter the level.



  1. Don’t give up. Keep going. Things happen for a purpose and a reason in your life, and you may not see it in the moment but it is ultimately helping you grow and become a stronger person.

  2. Performance 2 PREPARAT10N: Use the stats tool (rating on a scale of 1-10) and take your time to make sure your ideas or projects are a 10 before moving forward. Ask for what you need and be receptive when it comes to feedback.

  3. Be for each other and anchor in the Power of Team. Sometimes what is a 10 for you is not a 10 for those around you, so it is important to be considerate and ask what others need in addition to yourself. Be INTENT10NAL and open so everyone’s stat can become a 10.



  1. Go out on the balcony. This is huge for emotional management – it will help you to step outside of your emotions and see the situation from a new perspective with clarity. What do you want to do with this new perspective moving forward? What are your values and what’s important to you?

  2. Anxiety 2 ACT10N: Have a support team when it comes to purchases that may be daunting. With the power of team on your side, you will be able to really be for you and have confidence to make healthy choices.

  3. Pressure 2 PASS10N: Be a lifelong learner. Do one thing every single day that will help you to grow and evolve and be a better person for yourself and those around you. Getting coached is a great way to receive advice and examine how you want to live your 10 life.



  1. Symbolism. Take a tangible item that  represents something you want to get rid of or change and physically throw it away. This strategy will help to empower you to transfer that symbolism over into reality.

  2. Take the time to find the 10 Moments. Focus on maximizing your 24 golden nuggets and what you can do with them, rather than wasting energy on what you do not have.

  3. GIVEHOPE: Tell people you are proud of them and that they are doing a great job – sometimes, there is not enough of that in today’s world. Connect and be curious about others and their story. We are all on our own beautiful journeys and every single one of our lives matter.

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  1. INTENT10NAL RELAT10NSHIPS: Define what relationships mean to you. Communicate your thoughts and be looking for the good in people. If someone is doing something good, tell them – give back to the other person.

  2. Fear 2 Fabulous: Think about what you are grateful for. Shifting your mindset towards being thankful will help lead you away from thoughts of fear or failure.

  3. Criticism 2 COMPASS10N: Let people know you are here for them and will support them. Connecting to a bigger purpose will help you to push out of the criticism factor and anchor in love to find what matters.



  1. Insert Joy. As a form of Rest and Recovery, think of what is a 10 for you and implement that activity into your day to bring you joy and energy.

  2. Live life in 3D: Personally, Professionally, and Philanthropically. In the Personal and Philanthropic dominions, you have total control over what happens. When we feel like we don’t have choice over what we do in our lives, we begin to lose hope. Dividing your life into these three components will help bring more control in your life and make you feel empowered.

  3. Honor the truth. Keeping the truth in your brain and being afraid of it is a performance barrier. Bring the truth out into reality, own it, and see how you can improve and be competitively great for you and your team.



  1. How to be Competitively Great for You vs Against Others. Normally when we hear the word ‘competitive’, we think there must be a winner and loser. Rather, our definition incorporates prioritizing what is important to you, figure out what really matters to you, and hold yourself accountable to the greatness you want to achieve at your very best.

  2. Truth: Figure out what your truth is; Respect it; Own it; Learn from it; and become a better you because of it so you can help others. Faith: Trust in yourself; Trust in the process; Trust in the people you choose to share life with. Love: RELAT10NSHIPS, RELAT10NSHIPS, RELAT10NSHIPS- Be 4 each other and grow your team.

  3. Stats. If something is a 10, it does not necessarily mean it is perfect – more importantly, it means that it matters to you. If your definition of perfection means there are no performance barriers or struggles along the way, the odds of failure are higher compared to when you are willing to push through the tough times.



  1. Intensity vs INTENT10NALITY.  Recognize the difference between the grind and being intentional with your time, energy, and emotions to go for what you want. Another way of looking at it is the monkey mind vs. really peeling it back to being intentional with what you want.

  2. Embrace the uncomfortableness when going for change. Just like training for other things you have done, it requires consistency, ritual and routine, stretching beyond what feels good, extra time and effort and energy  Live through the pain points and anchor in the winning strategies to push through it.

  3. Recognize the feeling of burnout compared to the feeling of desire and passion. Change your mentality to “I get do this” rather than “I should do this”.



  1. Radical Equality: Celebrate differences and come together to be competitively great for each other. Have the Courage 2 Care for everyone around you, no matter their differences.

  2. Do something different every day. Having Rituals and Routines is a great winning strategy, but making small commitments to step outside of your comfort zone such as sitting with a new teammate or getting to know a person outside of your circle will start to create new connections and conversations.

  3. Every moment matters. Are you practicing at a level 10? Are you saying yes to things that scare you? Don’t take the little moments for granted.