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Meet Your Coach

Cofounder of Patterson Sports Ventures

Creator of Personal, Professional and Philanthropic Development Brands:

·  Champion Sports Life Coaching and Certification®

·  Champion Wellbeing® and Certification

·  Chief Wellbeing Officers and Certification®

·  MeQ®

·  Life Training Academy

·  10 Talks Podcast

·  Sports Philanthropy League®

·  3D Student Success Coaching

·  Character Code

·  Global Athlete League

·  Sports Super Heros

Carlette’s background, expertise and experience have all been in the world of sports. She was a college athlete, a national-ranked swim coach, created and sold a wellness company, worked for the National Football League (NFL), the NBA Developmental League, founded a non-profit – Y.E.S. (You Equal Success), and after being trained by Martha Beck, number one Life Coach in America, Carlette created CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching and Certification®.

Carlette draws on her personal challenges and triumphs combined with 30+ years of senior leadership in professional, collegiate, and amateur sports organization to ignite purpose and passion to create Championship Change in three-dimensions (3D): Professional = Success; Personal = Significance; Philanthropic = Service of our lives.


Sports Philanthropy: Steve Patterson Award for Excellence in Sports Philanthropy From 2005-2014, Patterson Sports Ventures (PSV) teamed with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to establish the Steve Patterson Award for Excellence in Sports Philanthropy as a flagship program. Patterson Sports Ventures continues to promote Sports Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility by incorporating Leadership Change into each client’s philanthropic and sustainability work. Find out more information here:

Carlette as a Speaker: If you would like to have Carlette as a speaker at your next event click here for more information.

Author: Carlette and Kathy DeBoer are writing their next book, How Women Win, Our Way:

I Thought We Had Forever: The Story of a Pro Athlete’s Family’s Journey through Grief and Resilience 

Featured Writer: Christ-Centered Generosity: Global Perspectives on the Biblical Call to a Generous Life

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