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What is MeQ®? MeQ® is an intelligence quotient for whole-person development- a life-long study of self.

Each course is self-paced.

Additional individual coaching available, hosted live, on zoom.


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MeQ® Courses

Sports Life Coaching Mental Health & Wellness Training & Certificate

Introducing the Sports Life Coaching Mental Health and Wellness Certificate. This course is a perfect primer for athletes, parents, coaches, and athletic administrators looking to become more psychologically-minded. Over the course of 12 modules, we cover a vast array of topics from how to identify symptoms of depression, anxiety, concussions, and eating disorders in athletes…and what to do about them…to practical advice on how to overcome common psychological challenges an athlete may face such as perfectionism, the yips, injury, and transition out of sport. The certificate course would be an excellent fit as a wellness component to a pre-season orientation program or as a refresher during the season to improve the health of athletes and to ignite the power of team. We look forward to supporting you to commit to peak performance and to become a better version of yourself on and off the field.

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CHAMP10N Wellbeing® Workshops
How do you want to Win Your Wellbeing?

Options Include:

Workshops | CHAMP10N Wellbeing (

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CHAMP10N Wellbeing® Workouts
Be a CHAMP10N For Your Wellbeing.

Options Include:

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Workouts with Larry

Individual Sessions:

30 Mins: $75

45 Mins: $100

60 Mins: $125

Paid Per Month

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Get Styled with Lesli Sunshine

Founder of Fabulous You: Styling for the Outside, Inspiration for the Inside

Investment: $200 Per Hour

Personalized Sessions via Zoom and In Person

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Jason  |  Master CHAMP10N Sports Life Coach®

Jason McKenzie earned his CHAMP10N Sports Life Coach™ Certification in 2013 and his Master CHAMP10N Sports Life Coach® Certification in 2016. Jason specializes in working with athletes, coaches, teams and executives. He believes in being his best so he can help other be the best that they can be – personally, professionally and philanthropically. Jason uses the CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching® model and 3D Tools, which utilizes the language and practices of sport, to coach individuals to achieve competitive greatness, both in sports and in life.

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