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Welcome to the
Life Training Academy

Where you and your life matter! 

Get Coached 2 Win Your Life- 3D

Personally, Professionally, & Philanthropically

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MeQ® Training:
E-Learning 2 Win Life

  • MeQ® is our educational brand for online coaching and training.

  • MeQ® is another dimension of intelligence quotient for whole-person development and the understanding of self.

The Life Training Academy is an expansion of Patterson Sports Ventures' 30 years of pioneering strategies combining the best practices of sports, business, and life for CHAMP10N Change.  The CHAMP10N Change coaching and training that has been implemented globally with hundreds of professional and collegiate athletes, coaches, corporations, executives, university teams, professional sports organizations, and philanthropic organizations, is now available to you!

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U.S. and International professional and collegiate athletes and coaches (23 years) (1620 ×
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MeQ® Training

Everyday is Game Day. You Determine Whether You Win or Lose.


MeQ® is our educational brand for online coaching and training.

Our desired outcomes are to be Committed 2 Being a Better Version of Myself- Every Day and to W.I.N. 3D: 

W - Wellbeing

 I   -  Identity Management, You Are More Than Your Performance- Own Who You Are, What You Want & Commit to Making It Happen

N  -  Navigating Change

MeQ® is another dimension of intelligence quotient for whole-person development. ME intelligence is the understanding of self. It connects the mind and heart to achieve ME Intelligence Quotient. 

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CHAMP10N Wellbeing®

Be a CHAMP10N for Your Wellbeing

Our work utilizes the language & methodologies of sport and combines research-based concepts with Sports Life Coaching to Win Wellbeing for you. CHAMP10N Wellbeing® teaches, coaches, & trains you to create a personalized wellbeing plan through an innovative model using the Best Practices from Sports, Business, & Life.

Get Coached to Win Wellbeing For:

  • College Athletes

  • College Coaches

  • Professional Athletes

  • Professional Coaches

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Get Coached

Our CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching gets you coached up in your life as intentionally as we coach athletes to be CHAMP10NS in sports. 


Meet your Sports Life Coach

Train to be a CHAMP10N in your Life:

  • Personally for Significance

  • Professionally for Success

  • Philanthropically for Service


Get Certified

Are you interested in becoming a Certified CHAMP10N Sports Life Coach® or simply becoming equipped with the tools to help others be a CHAMP10N in their lives?

C-Learning is our online resource for Certified CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaches® and individuals who want to become equipped with tools to implement in their pre-existing professions.

MeQ® Training

Win Life

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What is MeQ®?

MeQ® is another dimension of intelligence quotient for whole-person development.

ME intelligence is the understanding of self.  It connects the mind and heart to achieve ME Intelligence Quotient. 

MeQ® is our educational brand for online coaching and training.

Join a course today!

10 Talks Podcast

10 Talks podcasts shares how coaches, athletes, parents and executives utilize CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching® in their everyday lives.

Carlette Patterson and her weekly CHAMP10N Guests are committed to including you in their authentic conversations, as they share their Winning Strategies for managing success and failure. 

Learn how Sports Life Coaching can help you identify what matters most to you and achieve your

Desired Outcomes.

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With the establishment of the Life Training Academy, Carlette's CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching® training is being passed on to the next generation of coaches, philanthropists, and community leaders to G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E.


Practice and preparation are keys for peak performance in your sport. Why not be as intentional with success your life?

C Learning = CHAMP10N Learning - How 2 Be a CHAMP10N in your life.

It’s all about the reps, and we want to give you the chance to practice, practice, practice. There are 3 ways to become a CHAMP10N Learner:

  • Get Certified as a Sports Life Coach and begin a new profession

  • Receive your Sports Life Coaching Certificate to integrate our tools into your current profession

  • Use our Resources independently

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I started SLC so it could help me in my career and my professional dimension. Little did I know, it’s been changing my life in the personal dimension for the past year. Empowered to live my 10 Life, I wake up everyday focusing on 10s and what matters to me.

One of my favorite things about SLC is living 3D. It opens up and gives you the opportunity to live as a whole person, instead of one dimension. As a Pro Athlete it gives me the opportunity to understand that all my dimensions matter, not only professionally, but personally and philanthropically as well. It helps me to manage my identity, embrace myself in all dimensions, and be intentional with my life.

The Philanthropic Dimension is beautiful! I believe the world needs to learn about our Philanthropic Dimension and how just by a simple smile we can GIVEHOPE to the world. I love the Philanthropic Dimension just because it helps me focus and connect with other peoples lives. Share a smile today and be a light to the world!

- Raymariely Santos

Professional Volleyball Player

Certified Sports Life Coach®

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